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  • 6/4/2014

    MOA Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I become a member of the MOA?
    2. How do I get my books and other study materials?
    3. Do I need to renew my membership every year?
    4. What happens if I renew my membership after May 15th?
    5. What are the yearly requirements of membership?
    6. What is the rating structure for the MOA?
    7. Can an official have reciprocity in one sport and regular membership in another?
    8. Can an official from another state transfer into the MOA?
  • 6/4/2014

    Welcome to 2019-20 Online Registration!

    Please click here to register online.

     If you experience problems with online registration using Internet Explorer,

    please try an alternate web browser.

     We have

  • 6/4/2014

    Thank you for your interest in becoming an MOA sports official.  Membership in the Montana Officials Association is attained by paying the Association dues ($65 for the first sport and $30 for each additional sport) and scoring a minimum of 60% on the appropriate rules examination.

    Please see the "registration" tab above for online registration or you can complete and return a 2019-20 registration form  with your check or money order. 

    (New officials are not subject to late payment penalties) 

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