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Concussion Training Information

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
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Governor Bullock signed the Dylan Steigers Protection of Youth Athletes Act into law and the requirements of the law mirror the NFHS/MHSA Return to Play rules that have been in place for the past few years but there are a few additional requirements of the law.  Below is an overview of the law and how it will pertain to MOA officials: 

  1. An athletic trainer, coach, or official shall remove a youth athlete from participation in any organized youth athletic activity at the time the youth exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion.  (Same as current return to play rules)
  2. Each school district in this state offering organized youth athletic activities shall adopt policies and procedures to inform athletic trainers, coaches, officials, youth athletes and parents or guardians of the nature and risk of brain injuries, including the effects of continuing to play after a concussion.  School districts shall ensure access to a training program which meets the requirements stated previously and each official, coach and athletic trainer shall complete the training program at least once each school year.  (The MHSA/MOA will require each official to take the “NFHS Concussion in Sports – What You Need to Know” course each year to satisfy the education requirement of the law.)
  3. The online concussion course must be viewed after June 1st for an official to be eligible for the coming school year.  The deadline for viewing the course will coincide with the deadline for viewing the rules clinic for each sport.  For officials who work more than one sport, you must complete the concussion course by the rules clinic deadline for your first sport of the year.  The concussion course must be completed only once per school year but it must be completed before officiating any high school scrimmage or game.  The penalty for not completing the concussion clinic by the deadline will be immediate suspension from the MOA until proof of concussion training is produced.  Also, as with rules clinic deadlines, if you fail to complete concussion training prior to the published deadline, you will incur a loss of rating and loss of eligibility for post season assignment.  The MOA official, by Montana state law, cannot work any scrimmage or contest until the concussion clinic has been vie wed.

The NFHS concussion course is accessed via


Instruction Sheet 

Video instructions to order and view the NFHS concussion course.

Video tutorials  

When viewing is complete a confirmation page will appear from which you can download a copy of your completion certificate.

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