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Monday, August 30, 2010



We welcome you to the Hub and encourage you to check out all the additional resources this platform has allowed us to provide for you.  Your initial log in is the email address you provided with your most recent MOA registration and your initial password is your last name in lower case letters.  If you already have an existing ArbiterSports account, your password will not change.   

The tabs above will direct you to individual sport pages, a page containing all MOA forms, a page listing MOA contacts and a page detailing the history of post season assignment.

The panels on the side of each page contain a multitude of links:  The National Federation - includes links to the officials’ hub and to the NFHS rules library; MHSA home page; Dissinger Reed Insurance website – details regarding your officials’ supplemental insurance; Various information regarding current year fees, MOA registration, testing, reciprocity, study clubs, rules and mechanics training, Hall of Fame, service pins, life membership and MOA publications.

Providing resources for the training and development of our officials is a top priority of the MOA/MHSA.  This is one resource that has endless possibilities to obtain that goal. 

Enjoy the site and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact the MOA office.

Mark Beckman, MOA Commissioner    




The mission of the MOA is to advance and sustain fair, competent and ethical officiating, while providing safe competition at all levels of Montana’s interscholastic athletic activities. 


MOA  Plan  

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