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MOA Study Club Information

Friday, September 24, 2010
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Study clubs are an integral part of the official training program of the MOA and provide a continuous learning opportunity.  The MOA office will provide appropriate study club materials for review and training.  The Directors are responsible to facilitate study clubs in their region and for reporting attendance to the MOA office. 

An official must attend at least six (6) study clubs in basketball, football, volleyball and/or wrestling in order to receive credit toward their rating.  An official in soccer and/or softball must attend a minimum of four (4) study clubs.  It is recommended that study clubs begin at least one week prior to the start of each season.

If an MOA member’s employment prevents him/her from attending study clubs, the official may receive credit for attendance if they comply as follows:

1.  Make prior arrangements with the Director or head of the pool. 

2.  Complete and present the study club outlines to the Director or head of the pool in advance of the meeting they will miss.

3.  Request an exception from the MOA office for certain military actions or other extenuating circumstances.

4.  An official whose employment requires him/her to be away from home during the week may attend study clubs at an alternate pool location if he/she receives permission from the regional director(s) and the MOA Commissioner. 


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