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Become an MOA Official

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
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Thank you for your interest in becoming an MOA sports official.  Membership in the Montana Officials Association is attained by paying the Association dues ($65 for the first sport and $30 for each additional sport) and scoring a minimum of 60% on the appropriate rules examination.

Payment of dues registers you for the qualifying exam(s).  Please see additional testing information and test schedules under the testing tab on the right.

Officials will take the exam for their respective sport(s) online – detailed instructions will be sent via email prior to the exam dates.

Packets containing rules books and other study materials are also included in your dues and will be mailed as they become available – fall sports in late June, winter sports in October and spring sports in February.     

Assignment of regular season contests is done at the local pool level.  Pool assignors do attempt to take into account the work/class schedules of their pool members, and you should contact the  regional director  in your area for local assignment procedures, study club meeting sites and times, uniform requirements and costs as well as local contact information.

The local pool will provide study club meetings and peer evaluation for each member of their pool and report your attendance and upgrade eligibility to the MOA office at the end of each season.  The MOA consists of three rating classifications – apprentice, certified and master.  An official must serve a minimum of two years at each level before requesting an upgrade to the next level.

Once you have registered, passed the qualifying exam and completed the online concussion course, you will receive a MOA patch (additional patches may be purchased for $5.00 each), your name will be added to the roster for your sport(s) and you will be eligible for regular season assignment.

For further information or any general membership questions, please contact Amy Bartels at the MOA office via phone 406-442-6010 or email

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