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MHSA / MOA Rules Clinic Information

Thursday, September 23, 2010
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Welcome to the MOA/MHSA online clinic presentations.  I am Mark Beckman, Executive Director of the MHSA and Commissioner of the MOA.  The MHSA/MOA is again presenting the rules clinics in this electronic format for coaches and officials throughout the state.  This format saves travel time and costs for schools and officials, and by eliminating travel to clinic sites, this online format provides a safer more flexible means of delivering this necessary information.

Everyone will view the same clinic, providing consistency for coaches and officials. The clinic will be accessible during the season so you can go back and review a particular section.   If you have any questions or comments regarding this format please contact Brian Michelotti at the MHSA office; his email address is
All officials must view the clinic for their activity in order to meet the clinic requirement. 

Please follow the directions at the end of the presentation to sign in and receive credit for completing the clinic requirement.  We encourage you to print a copy of the verification page confirming that you have viewed the clinic. 

Again, please feel free to contact the MHSA office with any questions or comments concerning the online presentations of the MHSA/MOA rules clinics.

Mark Beckman
Executive Director 

Click here to see instructions for viewing the clinic(s).


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FALL CLINICS:  Available August 1st 

MOA Football Rules Clinic - (for officials only)

MOA Soccer Rules Clinic  -  (for officials only)

MOA Volleyball Rules Clinic- (for officials only available August 1, 2016    available August 1, 2016  available August 1, 2016    

For officials who are also coaches or administrators, please reqest clinics on the MHSA website


WINTER CLINICS:  Available November 1st

MOA Basketball Rules Clinic - (for officials only)   

MOA Wrestling Rules Clinic - (for officials only)



SPRING CLINICS:  Available March 1st

MOA Softball Rules Clinic- (for officials only)

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